Space Night @ThePenthouse
Space Night @ThePenthouse
Hosted by Lan To Capital

Jan 21st, 2020

Space day
Themed dinner

Space Dinner

  18:00-22:00 hs.
  four-course themed menu

Shaping the future is hosting a space-themed dinner among astronauts, personalities of the space industry and other special guests. High-level quality networking between celebrities. The perfect combination of ingredients as unique as the guests gathered to network.

Special guests:

  • Ron Garan
  • Scott Parazynski
  • Paul Kirchoff


About the event

Modern Thought Leaders

Here will gather remarkable leaders and personalities who are actively changing the world.  This is the new guard full of life, high profile entrepreneurs, academics, celebrities, investors, politicians and influencers alike.

-Social Impact and Sustainability World Leaders.

-Tech leaders shaping our world in AI, VR, blockchain and more.

-Tier-one Athletes, explorers, and celebrities.

Intimate Networking Dinners

The perfect combination of ingredients as unique as the guests gathered to network.  A 5-star experience matched with a superstar only attendees list hungry for real conversations and authentic relationships. 

-A cozy private restaurant setting

-Haute cuisine themed menus.

Davos Exclusive Location

Welcome to modern, sexy and smart. Our entire week is held in a modern penthouse with a unique personality and views of Davos from the Village.  Perfect for relaxing and meeting during the day and long table dinners and themed after-parties each and every night.

-Walkable to everything.

-Lunch, coffee and tea daily.

-Private meeting capability.

-Long table dinners & Themed After Parties.

World Famous Underground DJs

Get ready to turn it up! This is where Burning Man’s vibe meets Davos’ sophistication. Self-expression. Inclusion. This is where the smart, sexy and sophisticated crowd will gather to max out life and dance the night away.

-Themed parties with Top Underground DJs.

-Top Shelf Cocktails and Open Bar.


Why sponsor?

Exclusive & Intimate Networking

Connect with future customers, business partners, investors, and peers while sponsoring cocktail the most desirable cocktail parties, dinners and after-hours events in all of Davos.

Powerful Marketing Assets

In additional website, signage and materials branding, you’ll also enjoy photos and videos of major influencers with your brand and representatives. We’ll also have event live streaming and PR professionals on-site to catapult your message far beyond Davos.

Immeasurable Visibility

You will have a presence on-site but also via Davos word of mouth, influencer social accounts and high horsepower public relations.  You will also have the floor for a focused presentation, access to semi-private meeting rooms and a location in the middle of traffic flows, designed to attract the movers and shakers.

Return on presence

Everything we do, from the theme of the events to the invited stars and guests, is to maximize your outcome.  Whether raising money, driving marketing or growing your network, you will be partnered with some of the most connected residents in Davos along with world-class marketing horsepower.


You can get your ticket to the event enrolling on our Eventbrite page.