Rosalia Arteaga
Rosalia Arteaga
Former Constitutional President of Ecuador

Business hours

Keynote: Educating leaders with values for a planet of enormous challenges

  16:00 hs.

About the speaker

Ecuadorian, the first woman to have held the positions of Constitutional President and Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador. Former Secretary-General of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization was also Deputy Minister of Culture and Minister of Education.

Currently is a member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, serves as a member of the Board of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, is also a member of honor of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Europe. CEO of FIDAL Foundation, High Commissioner of Panamazonia in Manaus – Brazil and Senior Executive Education Advisor of the China U.S. Business Associate. Professor Honoris Causa of the University of Tarapoto – Perú and Honorary Doctor by the International University of California.

About the organizers

Lan To Capital has been building and funding impactful technologies and gathering in meaningful events, the brightest executioners. As a result, an organic shift towards a forum with actionable agenda is the subsequent path to inclusive and significant outcomes for the new frontiers of economic and conscious change in our world. Three out of five days are dedicated to panel discussions about SDGs, social impact, inclusion, emerging technologies, and space-tech, where there are 20+ high-level speakers such as government officials, startups founders, globetrotters, fin-tech/capital markets executives, and influencers.


Day theme: Youth and Gender Empowerment to form Conscious Leaders

Public sector and non-profit organizations working towards inclusion aligned with the SDGs understanding the need of including young generations that will become our future leaders.


Everyone in their respective expertise with the main focus on SDGs and youth engagement, evermore strengthened by disruptive technologies paves the road for inclusive and balanced progress.

Past experiences to remember and learn, present involvements to produce a positive and meaningful change.